We know how tiring it can be be to find another stream of income. That's why here at QFXA we take the stress out of trading with the financial markets. Members can benefit from our monthly subscription plan with over 40+ educational videos.

Drawing on a Board

Let us take the stress out of trading

Finding another stream of income can be tiring and stressful. If your reading this then we know you have what it takes to achieve your financial goals here at QFXA.

Unreliable trader companies who don’t care for investors capital are our worst nightmare. Think wine-stained carpets, blocked sinks and no toilet paper...


The stress of being an investor can be not only exhausting but a financial burden too. With so many cow-boy traders allowing investors to get hit by costly and hidden fees who arent even certified or a funded trader!

Here at QFXA we take away the stress, hassle-free. We ensure all traders at QFXA providing information and advice are funded experienced traders.


We provide value with confidence, from our experience.



Learn how to profit from the financial markets and quit the 9am to 5pm - with our online QFXA Package with your own members login with over 40+ videos for FREE!

No deposits, No Expensive fees, No scams. Just Value



QFXA Members can benefit from our QFXA Telegram members chat and receive daily signal opportunities to profit. 


Perfect for individuals who are busy throughout the day and still want to be part of trading.

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No Way!





Here at QFXA we are here to provide value. We believe everyone should be able to learn a skill which requires no products, no services and no people.


That's why we created our online 'QFXA Package' for free of charge so everyone can enjoy trading the right way.

Our Approach

Here at QFXA we analyse each potential trade carefully; across the financial markets. Identifying areas where we believe measurable value is within minimal risk for our clients. We have compacted all of our knowledge in our online QFXA Package with over 40+ videos!


Spotting good investments

All trades must be in good condition and pass our strict trading inspection by our traders here at QFXA. We will always conservatively estimate the capital required and calculate this into our financials.

Investment Analysis

All our trades are analysed by their investment potential. With this in mind, we only progress trades that have high profit potential. Trades that are generally placed are based on a 1:3 risk to reward ratio. This is our minium aim when placing trades on behalf of our clients.

Project Management

All the trades and investments we secure will be independently verified by an experienced trader here at QFXA before placing any trade, who will be confident the trade meets our requirements. Trade signals through our pricing packages will also come with all full trade parameters including S/L and T/P.  We work with private investors, business partners and legal advisors who are available upon request for fully managed investment solutions.

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